Trouw and De Verdieping have joined the Web

De Verdieping

De Verdieping, the Trouw add-on downstairs (photo: Fiona Fortuin)

In 9 days Trouw, the new club and restaurant on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam, will open its doors for the public. Downstairs, its cultural add-on De Verdieping is still under construction, and should be fully functioning in the second part of March, when we will host the nachtsalon afterparty to get things out of ‘beta’. 

Yesterday, the website went live. Non-fiction salutes the brave postmen and women of Trouw and look forward to the collaboration. We will contribute to the site as soon as we can log in. In the mean time you can check out this report by the online Dutch music journal 3voor12.

On 1 April we hope to start our first period of events in collaboration with a group of local institutions. We named this quarterly ‘cloud’ of related events Fwd:, to emphasise that we are sharing other people’s ideas and creativity in new domains and networks. We are in talks with art institutions and schools that can share their insights on what role architects can play in the development of urban environments like that around Trouw. 

We will talk more in depth about Fwd: in the coming weeks, and will disclose the making-of so you can comment and join. 

By Juha — Posted February 19, 2009 — 12,294 Comments

Are you a patron?

In times of crisis the tendency of cultural institutions to emphasise the value of their services seems to juxtapose the willingnes of corporate sponsors to commit funding for exhibitions and programmes. We are looking for people with bold new ideas about improving cultural patronage. Hearing Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke play live at the Bimhuis is so much better than just checking out the recording at home, so how can we create a sustainable system that benefits from wisdom of crowds, wikinomics and other joys of the new Web?

By Juha — Posted February 9, 2009 — 2,528 Comments