Social weather

The ubiquitous use of mobile devices to document and distribute our daily activities in a never-ending stream of updates, checkins, tweets and retweets is generating an ever-expanding biosphere of social information.

This advancing ecosystem is growing into an adaptive system of informational weather. Technologist Ben Hammersley calls it ‘social weather’: “I want to feel my friends like I feel the weather.”

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Introducing Digitaal Duivenvoorde

As we stated before, we are preparing a series of projects for Kasteel Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten. One of these projects is Digitaal Duivenvoorde, an aggregate of new media applications and social networking interventions we anticipate to roll out in the near future to upgrade the web presence and accessibility of this 13th century family estate. Duivenvoorde intends to open up its collection of family portraits, historical maps and other documents that have already been or soon will be digitised. It also wants to invite people to explore the various historical layers via cutting edge mobile applications like Layar and Foursquare, using augmented reality and game design to engage with our heritage. The project will furthermore dive into face recognition software to create new ways for people to enter the collection via their own public image on social networking sites like HyvesFacebook and Twitter. Last but not least, the deeply rooted family tree of Duivenvoorde will be made interactive, embedding it within the common grounds of current self-portrayal online.

This project is in beta now. We will keep you updated on our proceedings. In the mean time you can follow Duivenvoorde on Twitter.

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twitteropolis is becoming

twitteropolis is becoming

A kaleidoscopic view of Amsterdam in 2020 entirely based on Twitter messages from the future. A key inspiration for this presentation has been our recent investigations with Ben Cerveny and VURB into the digital sphere of the city, where information becomes weather and infrastructure is in the cloud (see also Ben’s talk on the City as an Interaction Platform at PICNIC ’09).

In the end there was room for only 36 contributions (the limits of paper). Thank you all for participating. This is only phase 1. There will be a phase 2 soon, and it will take place in De Verdieping in 2010. The Time Out Future City special will be in store in the last days of this month.

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The city is everybody


We are in the last day of our Time Out Amsterdam Future City tweet aggregation, and have been enthused by the imaginative, witty and sometimes harsh messages from the future. Artist Aaron Koblin hopped off the 5 minute electro-magnet train from Utrecht, transcontinental VURB founder Ben Cerveny printed 30 bikes and discovered that the floating polder Almere III had been altered by the residents (again), and ubicompuman Adam Greenfield is upset he needs to pay 100k to get into Europe.

The answers to our question “What are you doing in Amsterdam in 2020?” are coming from all sides of the planet, from Winy Maas and Friedrich Von Borries to Radna Rumping and Nalden. You are still welcome to join us in building our collaborative Twitteropolis. But hurry, our deadline is Monday morning. So according to you, what is happening in Amsterdam in 2020?

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CDR – create, bounce, burn.

CDR was picked up by Time Out Amsterdam

The August edition of CDR was picked up by Time Out Amsterdam

Create, bounce, and burn. This is the vernacular of a new generation of beat makers around the world. They use software with swanky names as Logic, Reason or Live to contribute to the ever growing architecture of rhythmculture. Forming scenes in Glasgow, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, and in many other outskirts, they are the dark metabolism of nightlife and music culture of today. With social networks reaching semantic cruising altitudes, the exchange rate of music is getting more spectacular by the day. Virally communicating and freely sharing through Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, iChat and (even) MySpace, a faceless herd of avatars and monikers roam the digital present in search of a beat.

With CDR, Viral Radio and Beat Dimensions have joined London’s Burntprogress in creating a common ground for these producers to present their music. CDR, which takes place in De Verdieping in the ‘Berlinesque’ Wibaustraat in Amsterdam, acts as a hub and social hive for musicians, music professionals and the general public to exchange new beats. The process is basic: people bring their music on a CDR, hand it in to the DJs of the night, who will play them over the weighty club soundsystem. Each artist name and track title will be projected on the wall. The night will be opened by interviews with the visiting artists from the following Viral Radio night upstairs at TrouwAmsterdam. Entrance for musicians with a CDR is free; 5 euros is charged for other visitors. As a bonus everyone can stay for Viral Radio later on.

The third edition of CDR is about to start tonight at 8.30 PM at De Verdieping. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Watch, join, add, follow, visit

Last Friday was the opening of ‘Plan Zuid, in bewerking’, an exhibition by architecture students in De Verdieping. You can see the pictures in our new flickr group, or at the Facebook page. You can also follow De Verdieping on Twitter, where you will see the bits that fall in between the tubes and never make it to any blog.

Our next event will be either on Wednesday 1 or 8 April. We will start with our weekly Wednesday night, with interviews, concerts and film screenings. In April gallery Gabriel Rolt will do a public screening of Shezad Dawood‘s film ‘Montana’. In May we will most likely see Daedelus and Pierre Bastien talk about and showing their musical machinery.

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