XS Architecture market 30/8 – 1/9

XS Architecture

Non-fiction is happy to co-host XS ARCHITECTURE MARKET – an event which will represent and sell products, objects and prototypes designed by architects or artists and designers that demonstrate a clear link to the world of architecture.

The selection ranges from functional products such as chairs, lamps and textiles to objects that have a more conceptual purpose – to trigger the mind and expose ‘cross-over design’: architects as designers; designers as architects. XS ARCHITECTURE tries to upscale design possibilities by distorting the scale and line between different design disciplines.

Bastiaan Gribling: 06 28570889
Parvinder Marwaha: 06 16776990

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Opening exhibition Nicky Zwaan

On 23 March 2012 is the vernissage of the Cityscapes Opening Exhibition at GM8, our collective super-space in the building where we keep our office. During the opening, Non-fiction’s Michiel van Iersel, will interview artist Nicky Zwaan and Cityscapes-founder Bastiaan Gribbeling.

Nicky Zwaan: Trying to Catch Up With My Molecules

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