Live stream of the World Minimal Music Festival


Today is the opening night of the World Minimal Music Festival. Five days of worldclass music from minimal composers and musicians from all over the world. One of the highlights is the presence of one of the key figures Steve Reich. The festival is supported by the local music scene of young electronic producers like Tom Trago, Aardvarck and Mamiko Motto, and experimentalists Machinefabriek, Thomas Ankersmit and Raphael Vanoli.

In collaboration with public network VPRO Dorst we are covering the festival in realtime on their live blog. This is a on-the-fly experiment to embed the Muziekgebouw via social networking tools like Tumblr, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Shazam, Ustream and WordPress. You can follow the festival below here as it unfolds.

By Juha — Posted March 30, 2011 — 5,034 Comments