This Tuesday, a rare performance of a Feldman masterpiece

“Feldman is essential listening.” Pitchfork

This Tuesday at Felix Meritis, the Ives Ensemble will play their second concert of the series News From the Front, an eight-part collaboration between the Ives, Van Swieten Society and Asko Kamerkoor. The music played is Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, the final piece of eminent American composer Morton Feldman.

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Non-fiction weeknotes #2

Inspired by our friends at BERG we try to give you weekly updates on how the people of Non-fiction are faring. With different questions and Non-fictioners each week. This week’s weeknotes’ questions:

Describe right this week in one word

Juha: Istanbul.

Boris: mar-Think-a-Write-athon

Adela: While thinking about things which are both old-fashioned and futuristic, unexpected discoveries and new identities, the Freudian concept of uncanny appears on my mind. Surprisingly enough, there is an exhibition dealing with this topic in Kunsthal Rotterdam called Uncanny. Surrealism and Graphic Design. Highly recommended!


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Playlist week 26

Five recordings we have been listening to this week:

1. Skuli Sverisson – Seria II
Latest album from New York bases Icelandic bass guitar player that was recommended to us by the equally talented Raphael Vanoli of Knalpot.

2. Zomby – Witch Hunt
From the new album ‘Dedication’ by English producer Zomby who together with Hudson Mohawke and Rustie took out and liquidated dubstep in 2008.

3. Morton Feldman – For Aaron Copland
We have started working with the Ives Ensemble, who have collaborated with one of our favourite composers of the 20th century Morton Feldman.


4. Kuedo – Oh
New ep on Planet Mu by one half of refrigerated post-dystopia steppers Vex’d and Viral Radio friend Jamie Teasdale who roams the world under his anime pseudonym Kuedo.

5. Grouper – You Never Came
The sound you would hear if you were to shred a digital copy of ‘Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Sheep’.

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