Raime and Pierre Bastien at Moving Buildings

On Saturday 12 November Viral Radio presents the first performance of austere electronic music duo Raime in Amsterdam. They will join reknowned French multi-instrumentalist – and friend of Non-fiction – Pierre Bastien at the Moving Buildings Festival. Moving Buildings is a festival on music and media art, organised by P60, the Schouwburg Amstelveen and Cobra Museum of Modern Art

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By Juha — Posted November 12, 2011 — 6,627 Comments

Hear it! given 4/5 by NRC Handelsblad

“With musical performances and sound installations the museum became pleasantly noisy.” NRC Handelsblad

By Juha — Posted April 29, 2011 — 4,697 Comments

Hypercuration for Stedelijk Museum

We are delighted to announce that the Stedelijk Museum has invited us for a number of projects. We will programme the opening performance of Temporary Stedelijk 2 on 2 March; we will moderate and live blog the symposium Extra Muros on 11 March; following the symposium, we will edit a publication on the subject of transient museums; and lastly we will compile a special programme for Hear it!, a small festival on sound art on 28 April.

By Arif Kornweitz — Posted February 20, 2011 — 9 Comments