Introducing an intern: Siri Driessen

Siri Driessen studied Cultural Analysis and History at the University of Amsterdam, and Fine Arts at ArtEZ Arnhem. She focused on photography, nineteenth-century cultural history, and new media. She presented essays about mapping, new media and network culture at the New School University and the Medialab Prado in Madrid. Furthermore, she worked for the Prince Claus Fund, where she edited a three-monthly publication that aimed to connect the archive of the fund to the present.

Siri was interviewed by Adéla who received a very similar set of questions a year ago when she started her Non-fiction career. Using the same questions for every new intern can provide an interesting pallet of opinions on Non-fiction and our practices and help us  to understand what we really do.

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By René Boer — Posted February 13, 2012 — 12,037 Comments

Three years on, the great 11/11/11 anniversary party

There are many reasons why to throw a party on the 11th of November: the opening of carnival (in some parts of the Netherlands and Germany), Women’s Day (in Belgium), Single’s Day (in China) and, of course, all around the world many people commemorate the end of World War I.

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By René Boer — Posted November 15, 2011 — 4,883 Comments

Housewarming 11-11-’11

Dear friends, colleagues, neighbors and others,

This month Non-fiction is turning three and
we move into our new office on Museumplein.

We will celebrate this with a housewarming this friday, 11-11-’11.
You are cordially invited and feel free to bring friends.

We hope to see you on Friday from 18:00 hrs.

Best wishes,

Juha, Michiel, Boris, Adéla & Radna

By Michiel — Posted November 9, 2011 — 3,328 Comments

Non-fiction drinks for a better reality

According to a recent referendum it is Friday. This means new Non-fiction drinks at 6 to increase the crisis-fighting firepower of the cultural sector.

“What should I bring?” you ask? Easy: something personal you would like to share with other people. Last week Lorenzo de Rita brought his books from The Soon Institute, and the week before Adéla introduced Becherovka.

We look forward to seeing you tonight at Gabriël Metsustraat 8 at 6.

By Juha — Posted November 4, 2011 — 11,177 Comments