CDR – create, bounce, burn.

CDR was picked up by Time Out Amsterdam

The August edition of CDR was picked up by Time Out Amsterdam

Create, bounce, and burn. This is the vernacular of a new generation of beat makers around the world. They use software with swanky names as Logic, Reason or Live to contribute to the ever growing architecture of rhythmculture. Forming scenes in Glasgow, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, and in many other outskirts, they are the dark metabolism of nightlife and music culture of today. With social networks reaching semantic cruising altitudes, the exchange rate of music is getting more spectacular by the day. Virally communicating and freely sharing through Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, iChat and (even) MySpace, a faceless herd of avatars and monikers roam the digital present in search of a beat.

With CDR, Viral Radio and Beat Dimensions have joined London’s Burntprogress in creating a common ground for these producers to present their music. CDR, which takes place in De Verdieping in the ‘Berlinesque’ Wibaustraat in Amsterdam, acts as a hub and social hive for musicians, music professionals and the general public to exchange new beats. The process is basic: people bring their music on a CDR, hand it in to the DJs of the night, who will play them over the weighty club soundsystem. Each artist name and track title will be projected on the wall. The night will be opened by interviews with the visiting artists from the following Viral Radio night upstairs at TrouwAmsterdam. Entrance for musicians with a CDR is free; 5 euros is charged for other visitors. As a bonus everyone can stay for Viral Radio later on.

The third edition of CDR is about to start tonight at 8.30 PM at De Verdieping. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Viral Radio returns with CDR and survivors of the demilitarized zone

A few months ago we asked our good friend Aardvarck, if he was given the chance to invite someone for Viral Radio, who he would choose. “Mala,” was his immediate answer, followed by an endless stream of unintelligible animal noises, “hoer” and “zijn we er al?” Mala will now play alongside Aardvarck, Cinnaman and Juha at the sixth Viral Radio event at TrouwAmsterdam. He will be joined by his friend, brother-from-another-mother and fellow demilitarized zone pacifist Sgt. Pokes.

In the evening, starting around 8 PM, Viral Radio will present the second CDR night. Adopted from London, the night is intended to create a social network, platform or hub for aspiring producers, avid supporters and kindred spirits who enjoy new ventures into electronic music. Hosted by Juha, Cinnaman and Mamiko Motto, a line of guests will be interviewed about their music practice, amongst whom Mr. Aardvarck himself. Visitors can bring their music on CDRs, which then will be played on our professional club soundsystem, while their names and track titles will be beamed on the wall.

CDR has been adopted by De Verdieping as a monthly night to share ideas and music. It has been transferred from the Wednesday to the Friday, to connect with Viral Radio and to benefit from the presence of international artists as Hudson Mohawke, Mala, Nosaj Thing, Harmonic 313, and all the others that come through the Viral Radio hub.

Viral Radio starts at 10.30 PM. Tickets are 12 euros, and are available at Rush Hour, online and at the door of TrouwAmsterdam. CDR starts at 8 PM. Tickets are 5 euros, but entrance is free of charge with a CDR of your music. Visitors of CDR can stay for Viral Radio without paying any more.

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On second day, Viral Radio goes from CDR to MAX/MSP

Viral Radio invited CDR to kick off the Viral Radio Festival 2009

Viral Radio invited CDR to kick off the Viral Radio Festival 2009

The first night of the Viral Radio Festival 2009 was a modest, albeit incredibly inspiring, success. An intimate crowd of producers, DJs and family and friends visited the first CDR night at De Verdieping. Thanks to everyone for their support, and Gavin, Tony, Mamiko, Hudson Mohawke and Icarus for their involvement. We look forward to the next one, which will most likely take place in August.

The second day of the festival will take place at the Bimhuis tonight, with Icarus hailing from London and Melbourne to bring electronic music by the guidelines of the International Standards for Jungle Music: 175 BPM straight for 12 years now, engineering their hyperrhythmic speed beats with MAX/MSP like scientists at the CERN Hadron Collider. They will be joined by another electroacoustic duo from the UK, Furt. ‘One of the most blisteringly energetic and experimental partnerships over the past twenty years.’ (The Guardian). In the cafe around the concerts we will hear Mrs. Mohawke herself, the ubiquitous Mamiko Motto (Samurai FM/Kindred Spirits).

We hope to see you tonight.

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Viral Radio Festival starts at De Verdieping tonight


Air strike one. Tony on the alley.

UK clubnight CDR takes its successful innovative format overseas with the premiere of a new bi-monthly session at De Verdieping in the basement of TrouwAmsterdam. Joining CDR’s Tony Nwachukwu and Gavin Alexander will be local Dutch deejays and producers Cinnaman (Beat Dimensions/Viral Radio) and Juha (Viral Radio/Beat Dimensions), plus special guest Hudson Mohawke (LuckyMe/Warp) bringing his distinct head-moving electronics.

CDR’s open session invites music producers to bring their tracks along on CD, giving those in attendance the opportunity to hear works-in-progress. In addition the night will begin with a conversation with Hudson Mohawke and Cinnaman about their beat-making ways, plus tales from Tony and Gavin about CDR and the burntprogress story so far. Taking over the booth to close the occasion Beat Dimensions and Red Bull Music Academy alumni Hudson Mohawke and Cinnaman join forces showcasing their crowd-pleasing record selecting skills.

Building on CDR London and Midlands residencies (plus past nights in Paris, Berlin and Sydney!) these new Amsterdam sessions will begin a burntprogress partnership between the UK and Netherlands, with local musical artists crossing the North Sea to check out their neighbours. With free entry for all, get set to savour a taste of underground sounds like no other: crossing genres, changing tempos and inspiring all.

Furthermore, Hepcat Radio host Mamiko Motto will present the Friday artists of the Viral Radio Festival from 8-10 PM at Rooms of Redbull. She will play the best tracks of the CDR night, and host exclusive sets by the guests of the festival. The line up of the Viral Radio Festival consists of Daedelus, Hudson Mohawke, Icarus, Furt, Bullion, the Blessings, Cinnaman and Juha.

About Viral Radio
Viral Radio acts as transmitter of experimental beats and bass music, creating an autonomous network of carriers of all kinds of mutations of electronic music, from dubstep to wonky, and from hyperdub to aquacrunk. Viral Radio on 3voor12 will be presented by Juha in collaboration with Yuri Boselie (Cinnaman), with the inaudible infection by Michiel. A monthly club night will start on 6 March at Trouw, every first Friday of the month. The Viral Radio logo has been designed by Vincent van de Waal.
What started as a dubstep programme on Dutch public radio station Lijn5 (NPS) late in 2006, has evolved into a network of music events in clubs, online and some time soon in print. This has culminated in a festival in June 2008, that marked the only collaboration between 11 and the Bimhuis in their combined histories.
Viral Radio acts as transmitter of experimental beats and bass music, creating an autonomous network of carriers of all kinds of mutations of electronic music, from dubstep to wonky, and from hyperdub to aquacrunk. Viral Radio on 3voor12 will be presented by Juha in collaboration with Yuri Boselie (Cinnaman). Every first Friday of the month, the network takes over TrouwAmsterdam with an international line up of scene defining producers and DJs.

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