Electronic music, North Sea Jazz and balcony gardening

Another update from Juha, having just recovered from the flu. Michiel has been ill too – way to go Non-fictionites. These past days have been all about the North Sea Jazz Festival, and a little bit of balcony gardening.

Already after the first time I give up writing a weekly update. I admit, I’m not disciplined enough. I will now rename it “randomly timed update of current affairs.” See, much better.

What happened this time? Apart from discovering that it is possible to garden on a balcony on the 4th floor, and by doing so becoming a Foursquare mayor of my local garden supply store, I have spent most of my time on finishing my proposal for this year’s North Sea Jazz Festival. Although I have a background mostly in beat driven electronic music, playing jungle, dubstep and other asymmetric electronic music as DJ at festivals and club nights, in the years of working for Kadir Selçuk and Huub van Riel in Lantaren/Venster and the Bimhuis since 2005, I have developed an interest in electroacoustic improvised music. Early concerts I did were with Jacob Kirkegaard, Christian Fennesz, Philip Jeck and BJ Nilsen, who are all part of the unsurpassed London music label Touch. Later on I collaborated with Yuri Boselie on inviting abstract beat  producers like Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke to the Bimhuis on the Beat Dimensions nights. And in between I worked with Alog, Stephen O’Malley and Icarus.

These experiences have led to the invitation by the North Sea Jazz Festival, to programme two stages: one with beat-driven music (Yukon), and one with electroacoustic improvisation (Volga). It’s a great honour to bring my favourite musicians to my old hometown, and I find it incredibly encouraging that such a big and respected festival is open to new developments, and reserves an important part of its line up to these cutting-edge musics. We are in the midst of booking the musicians, and hopefully within a few weeks we can present an allstar line up of stellar artists. The Yukon stage on Friday 9 July will present a new generation of beat makers, the Volga on Sunday 11 July multiple generations of electronically aided improvisors.

As for the garden, it looks stunning. I just hope the grass and bamboo will survive the heavy winds. At least there’s a Moomin looking after them.

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Viral music distribution

Viral Radio is the experimental electronic music vehicle of Non-fiction’s Juha van ‘t Zelfde and Beat Dimensions’ initiator Yuri Boselie (Cinnaman). It has been organising cutting-edge events in TrouwAmsterdam, Paradiso, Bimhuis and other venues across the Netherlands. Its latest interest is investigating new forms of music distribution and interaction via mobile phones, in collaboration with 3voor12 and VURB. Tonight, they organise their monthly night in TrouwAmsterdam.

On this month’s edition Viral Radio presents two artists it has been following for years and years: Dimlite and Jamie Vex’d. Swiss born Dimlite (Dimitri Grimm, 1980) is a master of mosaic textures and imaginative drum patterns. He is one of the most admired artists of his generation and a distinguished performer. His concerts at the Bimhuis in 2008 and 2009 rank among the best given there in the past few years. Englishman Jamie Vex’d (Jamie Teasdale, 1979) has gained critical acclaim as experimental dubstep duo Vex’d. They released the album Degenerate on Planet Mu in 2005, a prescient example of forward thinking bass music. Jamie has released solo works that are closer related to the video game and science fiction cartoons aesthetic of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. He has created the new avatar Kuedo, that will release its first tracks within weeks.It is one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

The evening starts at 22:30, and tickets are 12 euros. As always, Viral Radio hosts Juha and Cinnaman will play their music straight out of the package. We look forward to welcoming you there.

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De Verdieping starts 2010 with Machinefabriek

Machinefabriek live at Aura in Castrum Peregrini (photo: Jelle Spanjaard)

On a Thursday night in September in 2006, multi-instrumentalist Rutger Zuydervelt performed under his moniker Machinefabriek on the 700th birthday at the Oude Kerk, the oldest building of Amsterdam that is located in the heart of the Red Light District. It was a night I organised when I was still working at the n8 foundation, the collaborative museum platform that works for the Amsterdam museums. This was the beginning of an ongoing love affair with one of the Netherlands’ most productive and imaginative young composers and musicians. Since this concert we have worked together numerous times at the Bimhuis, Lantaren/Venster, Castrum Peregrini, and once even in my appartment in Amsterdam, together with Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard. Machinefabriek, a natural improviser who never performs the same work twice, and has an Olympic amount of releases and bootlegs swerving around. Even when I write, Michiel is listening to his music (and while you are peeking at his Last.fm account, have a look where Machinefabriek stands in my top artists list).

So it should not come as a surprise when we announce that the first artist we have asked to perform in 2010 is our dear friend Machinefabriek. We will celebrate the opening of the new year in De Verdieping with a special performance on Wednesday 6 January at 8 pm. We will also celebrate the proud fact that we have been granted a generous 2-year financial support from the Amsterdam Art Fund to upgrade the organisation and become a more professional cultural institution. The support enables us to notch up our activities and broaden our reach. We are delighted about this and look forward to inviting you to more adventurous programmes on the Wibautstraat in 2010.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday and toasting on the new decade. In the mean time, follow De Verdieping on Facebook and Twitter. Drive and shoot straight on New Year’s Eve.

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On second day, Viral Radio goes from CDR to MAX/MSP

Viral Radio invited CDR to kick off the Viral Radio Festival 2009

Viral Radio invited CDR to kick off the Viral Radio Festival 2009

The first night of the Viral Radio Festival 2009 was a modest, albeit incredibly inspiring, success. An intimate crowd of producers, DJs and family and friends visited the first CDR night at De Verdieping. Thanks to everyone for their support, and Gavin, Tony, Mamiko, Hudson Mohawke and Icarus for their involvement. We look forward to the next one, which will most likely take place in August.

The second day of the festival will take place at the Bimhuis tonight, with Icarus hailing from London and Melbourne to bring electronic music by the guidelines of the International Standards for Jungle Music: 175 BPM straight for 12 years now, engineering their hyperrhythmic speed beats with MAX/MSP like scientists at the CERN Hadron Collider. They will be joined by another electroacoustic duo from the UK, Furt. ‘One of the most blisteringly energetic and experimental partnerships over the past twenty years.’ (The Guardian). In the cafe around the concerts we will hear Mrs. Mohawke herself, the ubiquitous Mamiko Motto (Samurai FM/Kindred Spirits).

We hope to see you tonight.

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Bass fiction and beat dimensions at the Bimhuis

To celebrate 1 year of Beat Dimensions concerts at the Bimhuis, we have invited three of our favourite musicians to perform live in Amsterdam. Kode9 & the Spaceape will demonstrate their Bass Fiction live set, a rhythmically desolate and sonically dense architecture of sub frequencies, whilst Dimlite will display yet again why he is a master of mosaic textures and imaginative drum patterns. Digikid Cinnaman and laureate Juha will play music from a not so distant future in the bar before, between and after the concerts.

Doors open around 11, and the concerts start at 11.30. We look forward to seeing you there.

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If not STRP, then TRW and BMHS

Strijps-S in 1961 (photo courtesy of Jan Weijers)

This weekend, the city of Eindhoven is host of STRP, one of the Netherlands’ most innovative art and technology festivals. The festival takes place at Philips former industrial Strijp-S area. With artists as Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, STRP has a line up that connects two generations of brain-tingling electronic musicians.

If you have not been able to obtain a ticket for this festival, or will not travel to the South, we present an alternative in Amsterdam this weekend. On Friday 3 April Clark will play at Viral Radio at Trouw, and on Saturday 4 April Non-fiction has invited Pan Sonic and Oval at the Bimhuis.

We hope these two nights form a soothing alternative for missing the impressive STRP festival. See you there?

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Clark, Pan Sonic, Oval, Kode9 and the Spaceape, Dimlite, Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Samiyam, Pierre Bastien and Daedelus

Dorian Concept live at the Bimhuis (photo: Eline Soumeru)

Dorian Concept live at the Bimhuis (photo: Eline Soumeru)

In a period of just over a month, we have the privilege to present a staggering amount of our favourite musicians from every frequency imaginable. From the high-end sonic textures of Chris Clark to the tactile tectonics of Hyperdub messiah Kode9, and from the  Michel Gondryesque orchestre mécanique of Pierre Bastien to the this-is-what-the-internet-must-sound-like aesthetic of Oval.

Here is the full list:

03 April > Viral Radio invites Clark. With residents Cinnaman and Juha
Venue: Trouw Amsterdam / time: 22.00 – 03.00 / €12,-

04 April > Pan Sonic and Oval
Venue: Bimhuis / time: 20.30 – 01.00 / €12,-

24 April > Beat Dimensions with Kode9 & the Spaceape ‘Bass Fiction live’ and Dimlite. With residents Cinnaman and Juha
Venue: Bimhuis / time: 23.00 – 03.00 / €10,-

01 May > Viral Radio invites Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Samiyam. With residents Cinnaman and Juha
Venue: Trouw Amsterdam / time: 22.00 – 05.00 / €12,-

06 May > Daedelus and Pierre Bastien
Venue: De Verdieping / time: 20.30 – 23.30 / €?,-

We hope to see you at one (or more) of these nights, and we thank you kindly for your support.

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Dorian Concept, Knalpot, Harmonic 313, the Bug…

Gerri and Raphael are Knalpot

Gerri and Raphael are Knalpot

A quick message about our plans for tonight, and while I am at it for tomorrow too. A first ever Rednose Distrikt night at the Bimhuis with our friends Aardvarck and Steven de Peven. These Hunter Thompson DJs will be joined by mini-Korg sensation Dorian Concept and low-powered motorized noise band Knalpot.

The night starts at 11 pm, and tickets are a mere 10 euros. Feed your hype at nalden.net and see you tonight.

Tomorrow, Saturday 28 February, Warp Records multimoniker Mark Pritchard will release his Harmonic 313 debut album at OT313. The Australian must battle with the darkest force any soundsystem has ever encounterd, Mr. Kevin ‘Bug‘ Martin. This means sonic warfare. In the evening there’s a little instore drink-and-headbut at Rush Hour, with live radio by Future Vintage.

If you don’t make it to the Bimhuis, keep in mind that Trouw will officially open tonight.

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Oren Ambarchi and Keith Rowe at the Bimhuis

Steven O'Malley and Oren Ambarchi at the Bimhuis
Stephen O’Malley and Oren Ambarchi (photo: Hans de Bruijn)

‘Rowe is incapable of making an uninteresting sound’ (Penguin Guide to Jazz).

Juha has invited Keith Rowe and Oren Ambarchi to play at the Bimhuis this Sunday. Rowe and Ambarchi use the guitar as a point of departure for completely new techniques and sound environments. Before Ambarchi was even born Rowe made a radical departure from traditional jazz playing. He redefined the guitar in the British collective AMM. He prefers to lay the instrument on the table to manipulate its sound with springs, fans, office appliances and electronics. Ambarchi predominantly uses laptop to mould guitar sounds into dark sonic patterns. The duo have made two CDs, Flypaper and Squire.

Join this concert at Last FM, and read this Cut-up review from the first Bimhuis performance by Ambarchi. Our next even at the Bimhuis will be on 27 February, Rednose Distrikt with Knalpot, Dorian Concept, Aardvarck and Steven de Peven.

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