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Have you ever visited Zaanse Schans? If not, or if you did so just during a school trip when you were 10, please make sure you go there (again) this summer to find out that the famous green houses which have been re-located to this are not just a Lego-like village for pleasure of tourists but instead is a place where people grow up, live, work and eventually die, too. The fact that it’s a living community with lots of fascinating stories attached to it, will be emphasized by a new initiative. Curious what we are speaking about?

Non-fiction, in collaboration with Stadsherstel Zaanstreek (the owner of several houses and one empty lot on the Zaanse Schans), is happy to announce the launch of a temporary art residency programme in one of the picturesque historical houses. The house is located at Zonnewijzerspad 5. It has had a ‘moving’ history. It was reconstructed on the Zaanse Schans in the early 60′s, after being dismantled in the nearby village of Zaandijk where it was threatened to be demolished. The original interior has beautiful wall patterns and a fireplace with a wooden veneer that is imitating marble.

From June until September 2011 a selection of contemporary artists, architects and designers will have the possibility to live and work in this unique and inspiring environment, consisting of reconstructed buildings from the 17th and 18th century, where they can meet local residents and will encounter hundreds of thousands of tourists who are eager to take snapshots of the Dutch pride: five wooden wind mills.

We believe that engaging with this place, its people and the various crafts and architectural styles will be stimulating for creative professionals and will lead to interesting outcomes. Non-fiction’s Michiel van Iersel and his partner and artist Amie Dicke will be the first occupants, clearing the way for a selection of other residents. We will announce the list of residents as soon as possible, and will inform you on our public programme, including studio visits, guided tours, artist talks, etc.

The day after we moved in there was an article on the cover of the Noordhollands Dagblad and one week later the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf published an interview with a photo.

De Telegraaf, June 15, 2011

If you are still reading this post we suppose you might be attracted by the whole idea of art residency programs in Zaanse Schans. This is exactly the moment when we would like to ask you a favor. We have mentioned splendid wall patterns and the fireplace; however the house is still missing some crucial pieces of furniture which would help us to make the place livable. In case you have some spare furniture you are not using anymore, you can contribute to the residence by donating it. This is highly appreciated!

Please have a look on what we are currently seeking (the most urgent pieces are in bold, the things that already were donated striked through).

KITCHEN: microwaverefrigerator, coffee machine, plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, cutlery, knives, cutting board, towels, kettle, electric cooker.

LIVING ROOM: table, chairs, sofa, lamp

BEDROOM: 2-person bed and mattress, duvet / blanket, pillows, night table, reading lamp, clothes hangers

ADDITIONAL: cookies and coffee, vacuum cleaner, mop, cleaning, outdoor bench, extension cord, carpet, trash bin, washing machine, curtains, garden dwarf.

If you would like to contribute with any of these objects or you would like to engage in physical way (cleaning, repairs), please be so kind and Stella van Heezik from Stadsherstel via: E: / T: 020-52 000 20 (76) / M: 06-534 34 767

For more information, please visit the Stadsherstel blog (in Dutch).

Thank you in advance!

How to get to there: Bus 91 leaves Amsterdam Central Station twice hourly and stops at the St. Michael College next to the Zaanse Museum and Zaanse Schans. For more information visit the Zaanse Schans museum website or the OV (public transportation) website.


Post by Adéla Foldynova

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