Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra AAA rating

The AAA-series is a new programme by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra that consists of interdisciplinary events that are aimed to be adventerous, actual and awe-inspiring. Its multidisciplinary approach favors unusual combinations, for example traditional concerts with talkshows, or lectures with small ensembles playing at unexpected locations. In collaboration with several other Amsterdam based cultural institutions they try to explore new ways of bringing music rooted in the classical tradition to a broader audience.

Non-fiction was asked to join the most recent AAA episode, ‘De Nacht’ (‘The Night’): one of the six themes that together form the AAA-series. We very much enjoyed our stay, some of the highlights included a talkshow with Armando, who recently received the prestigious VSB Poetry Prize, and Pierre Boulez conducting the very impressive Webern’s Six Pieces for Orchestra, op.6, immediatly followed by an excellent performance of Mahler’s Seventh Symphony. After attending all of the events that were a part of ‘De Nacht’, we are currently in the process of analyzing these events and how they were perceived by the (online) public.

In doing so, we will form an outsiders opinion. We will try to help The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra achieving their goals in effectively connecting existing and new audiences, and improving the concert experience.

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