Exhibition: Quote Me If I’m Wrong


Let’s not pretend this was a regular group exhibition. When 33 Fine Art students of different departments at the Royal Academy in The Hague present their work together, it becomes a combination of different voices, including a large variety of works, but also different attitudes to what being an artist means.

Each year the graduating Fine Art students of the KABK are organising an exhibition by themselves. They have to look for a location, start a campaign, get sponsors and invite a curator. For the exhibition that opened early January 2015, Radna curated the group show Quote Me If I’m Wrong at the top floor of Spaces, the grand building also known as the ‘Red Elephant’ at the Malieveld in The Hague.

What all the students had in common, was an excitement to present their work in a professional way. Some thought it was a stop and start. The end of a long process, and the start of something new. Others thought of it is a test; questioning the audiences response to their work, now that it’s part of an official exhibition and not only shown in their studio-environment.

Accordingly, Quote Me If I’m Wrong became a delicate balancing act. In an almost white cube environment, with no permission to use the existing walls, with big ambitions, and a short amount of time. In that balancing act, many of the artists used this exhibition to try things out. Works in which new possibilities were still explored were presented with full confidence. A subtle performance on the floor below, videos on a slanting wall, an archive of a journey, a revolving door.


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Posted: Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

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