Nieuwe Tijd voor de Oude Kerk

Afterparty, Manolis Tsipos & Jeroen de Graaf  Photo- Maarten JüngenAfterparty, performance by Manolis Tsipos & Jeroen de Graaf (Photo: Maarten Jüngen)

After a succesful programme during the 2013 Monument weekend, Non-fiction organised another event at the Oude Kerk reflecting on the church’s position as a monumental building in transformation.

The Oude Kerk, situated in the middle of the Red Light District, is the oldest building of Amsterdam and is becoming a space for contemporary culture. Providing room for contemplation, the monumental – and restored – Oude Kerk also pinpoints the latest developments in the arts. On May 10, 2014, Non-fiction programmed a twelve-hour marathon as a test case for the future: Nieuwe Tijd voor de Oude Kerk (a new era for the Oude Kerk). Each hour, a different artist, speaker or initiative was invited to add contemporary culture to the building and to explore the possibilities of the church in time and space.

Contributors to Nieuwe Tijd voor de Oude Kerk were Zeno van den Broek & Tim Hollander, Penny University, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amstel 41 with Daniel Jacobi, k.i. beyoncé, Muziekgebouw / The Rest is Noise, Manolis Tsipos & Jeroen de Graaf, Perrine Bailleux, Red Light Radio and many others.

This event was part of a longer research by Non-fiction to explore the notion of time and temporality at Oude Kerk.

Tracking Traces, Amie Dicke & Rafe Copeland  Photo- Maarten JüngenTracking Traces, a scripted tour by Amie Dicke & Rafe Copeland (Photo: Maarten Jüngen)


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