New Europeans


On the occasion of the Netherlands presidency of the council of the European Union in 2016, and its arts and design programme Europe by People, a group of 12 young Europeans will co-create a test zone in Amsterdam with artistic interventions and a cultural programme under the name New Europeans. This project of six months takes place right at The Wall that surrounds the area where the official EU-meetings are taking place. It’s the brick wall of the historic naval yard of Amsterdam, which has been closed for the public for hundreds of years, but will slowly change into a public location. Here, La Bolleur designed a framework for a series of 6 photo exhibitions along the Wall, curated by Pjotr de Jong (Vandejong) and a small village which is the homebase of New Europeans.

The team of New Europeans will test new ideas on what living together in Europe means – now and in the future. The project will include monthly cultural programmes and artistic interventions, and on online magazine with weekly updates, leaving room for input of the audience as well as stories from elsewhere in Europe. Mark and Radna are involved as team leaders of New Europeans and will guide the group of participants – which consists of journalists, artists, designers, architects and historians.

You can follow the project at

You can find New Europeans along The Wall,  address: Kattenburgerstraat, Amsterdam.


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