Fennesz, Knalpot and HudMo a.o. at North Sea Jazz

After weeks of secretiveness and diplomacy, the moment has come that we can finally announce our programme for the North Sea Jazz Festival 2010. The festival is widely acknowledged as the one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world, and has a strong reputation for showcasing many different areas of jazz and improvised music from all eras.

Non-fiction’s Juha has been invited to programme two stages at the 2010 North Sea Jazz Festival, that will take place in Rotterdam from 9-11 July. Having a background and interest in both electroacoustic improvisation and beat-driven electronic music, his programmes consist of musicians – some well-known, others under the radar – who have been at the forefront of their movement for years. The two stages have been branded Hyperrhythm and OK computer.

In the past few years in various cities around the world, scenes of musicians have popped up with a heightened interest in complex rhythmstructures of changing speeds and intensities. These hyperrhythms are created by producers who have grown up in an ocean of sound of ubiquitous media, from computer games to iPhones, and who are connected through a myriad of online networks. More than once, these producers know the hardware and software better than their developers, mutating into architects of complex, gravity-defying structures. Cities as Los Angeles, Glasgow and London are their main protagonists, with labels as Brainfeeder, LuckyMe and Warp. In Amsterdam, Viral Radio has been active as a vehicle for the dissemination of these new electronic musics since 2007, with regular programmes at Trouw and the Bimhuis.

Dimlite (CH)
Hudson Mohawke (UK)
Dorian Concept (AU)
Mike Slott (IRE)

OK computer
A completely wired evening of electronic improvisation with world-renowned musicians and exhilirating young sound artists. Faster computers and more sophisticated software have popped up on stage in clubs and concert halls worldwide, creating a next level for improvised music. This programme draws a realtime map of current investigations into computer music, DJ culture and electroacoustic improvisation.

Machinefabriek (NL) / Gareth Davis (UK)
Hild Sofie Tafjord (NO) / Philip Jeck
Bown (UK) / Britton (UK) / Arthurs (UK) / Ohlmeier (GER)
Fennesz (AU) / Brandlmayr (AU) / Dafeldecker (AU)
Knalpot (NL)

We’re delighted to have been given this opportunity to work for such an esteemed festival, with all of our favourite musicians. We look forward to seeing you there in Rotterdam in July.


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