Discovery, visualization and networking of Land Art in Flevoland

Satellite image of the Flevopolder in the Netherlands.

We are very proud to announce the start of a new collaboration with (contemporary art) Museum De Paviljoens, on the discovery and visualization of the world famous collection of Land Art in Flevoland. From Wikipedia: “Flevoland is a province of the Netherlands. Located in the centre of the country, at the location of the former Zuiderzee, the province was established on 1 January 1986 as the twelfth province of the country, with Lelystad as its capital. The province has approximately 390,000 inhabitants and consists of 6 municipalities.”

Observatorium (1971-1977) by Robert Morris near Lelystad (Photo: Gert Schutte)

Flevoland features a unique concentration of Land Art. There is no other place in the world where you can visit Land Art projects by world-famous artists like Daniel LibeskindAntony GormleyRobert MorrisPiet SlegersRichard Serra and Marinus Boezem within a single day in an area of almost 1.500 square kilometres.

Museum De Paviljoens and Non-fiction will develop an online mobile service for the discovery and visualization of Land Art in Flevoland. Simply put: we want to combine the power of the smartphone with the wide use of mobile social networking and the flowering potential of social gaming. Think of: the integrated use of Facebook (Places), FoursquareSCVNGR, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. on the spot and in real time.

The aggregated data created by the individual user will be used as source for new works of art by leading international artists, working in the converging domains of digital art and information design. By discovering existing works of art the user thus creates a new work of art.

The research and development of this service will be an open and collaborative effort, innovative in its ambition to engage audiences with different points of interest, and its employment of geosocial network technologies. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

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