Curating Reality, new tools for investigative journalism

Foursquare has created a beautiful visualisation of how people use its service in transport

“Today, we have more means than ever of gathering, interpreting and disseminating information. New forms of reporting, such as data journalism, crowdsourcing and social networks, are becoming increasingly important. Though it is often suggested that journalism is in crisis we are witnessing an explosive increase in journalistic practice and strong innovation in the field, thanks to a vast range of new possibilities.”

This is the opening statement of the Sandberg@Mediafonds 2012 masterclass, a renowned series in which programme makers and designers will work together on new cultural media productions that explore the digital boundaries of the vastly expanding mediasphere.

The masterclass is organised by the Sandberg Institute, a postgraduate school for art and design in Amsterdam, and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, that promotes the development and production of high-quality artistic programmes by the national and regional public broadcasting corporations

This year’s masterclass, titled Curating Reality, will concentrate on new forms and applications in investigative journalism resulting from technological advances. What new practices do we have of unearthing the facts and meeting citizens’ growing demand for information? How can we make the most out of the shifting relationship in production and in distribution between journalists and their audience?

I am honoured to be one of the selected for the masterclass, together with incrediblly talented people like Maurits de Bruijn, Metahaven, Coralie Vogelaar, Brenno de Winter, Jonas Staal and many others.

The masterclass spans over five months, and there will be a few public events. I will try to write about our progress as often as I can (and Maurits allows me).

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