Aura exhibition reviewed by newspaper Parool

Today the Aura exhibition, curated by Non-fiction’s Michiel van Iersel, was reviewed by the Amsterdam newspaper Parool. The article gives a pretty accurate description – in Dutch – of the exhibition’s theme and the works on show. We are very happy that they included a large image of Amie Dicke‘s installation in the abandoned room of one of the late residents of this former hiding place.

Strangely enough, the article is (not yet) available online, so the following image is the best we can offer right now. (For our Dutch-speaking audience, notice the missing part in the title of the review: onderduikadres). And of course now we look forward to the next review.

On Thursday May 28 from 20:00 hrs, we will organize the first of a series of Aura salons with a guided tour, performances, statements and music with contributions by (a.o.) Allerd van den Bremen, Machinefabriek, Erik Lindner, Renée van Marissing, Joachim Umlauf, Ton Venhoeven. We hope to see you there.


Source: Parool, May 22, page 15