Rijksakademie on YouTube

De Verdieping

Every Wednesday night De Verdieping hosts a night of art, music or discussion. On most of these nights we invite another institution to adopt this night to present itself in our environment. This time the Rijksakademie has kindly accepted our invitation – or, better, kindly approached us – to show videos that formed inspiration for residing artists. The programme started as a small gathering of artists at the academy, exchanging videos from YouTube they enjoyed. They now have called the night BeamClub, and this Wednesday is the first edition at De Verdieping.

In their own words:

On a regular irregular basis we ask (current and former) residents of the Rijksakademie to show footage. This includes anything that can be beamed, from YouTube to documentary, from mobile phone uploads to found vhs. What will be shown is not their own art, but what inspires them to make it. This time with artists Gino Saccone and Sarah van Sonsbeeck.

The Rijksakademie is an internationally acclaimed art research residency, currently home to 60 artist with 29 different nationalities. The upcoming two nights will be kindly hosted by De Verdieping in their ongoing Wednesdaynight programme. Doors open at 20:30, movies start at 21:00. Entrance is free. De Verdieping, Wibautstraat 131. And join us on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also join De Verdieping on Facebook, but we’d rather see you in person this Wednesday.