Contribution to New Farms for Expo workshop in Milan

Cascina Sant'Ambrogio in Milan

Cascina Sant’Ambrogio in Milan

This June, Non-fiction’s partner Michiel van Iersel will participate in the New Farms for Expo workshop, organised by New Generations, in which designers from over the world are going to collaborate on a vision of the reuse of abandoned in-urban farm houses, the Milanes ‘cascines’. This connects to the overall theme of the EXPO Milano 2015,”Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The “New Farms for Expo” workshop got the patronage of EXPO Milano and deals with two intertwining topics: on the one hand, the agricultural heritage of the territory of Milan,
and the contemporary issues related to the agricultural production, food security and metabolism of European cities on the other. The workshop is an initiative of New Generations, a European platform for students and architectural firms. On behalf of Failed Architecture, urbanist Michiel van Iersel will be mentoring one of the workshop groups together with creative strategist Valentina Paruzzi.

New Generations is inviting young architects, planners, policy makers, agronomists, economists and urban scientists to apply and form a multidisciplinary team. This think-tank will be divided into three teams, each addressing a specific topic of investigation: each group will collaborate in generating strategies to foster the role of these vacant buildings in the Milanese periphery and in addressing the issue of those yet to be conceded, providing and prioritizing space for social, cultural, technological experimentations open to citizen initiatives or entrepreneurial endeavor.

Outcomes of the workshop
All of the projects developed throughout the workshop will be collected, re-mastered and presented in a publication that will
be presented in several public events locally and internationally. It will
be officially presented during the “Cascine Aperte”, the opening weekend of Associazione Cascine Milano, on 19-20 September 2015.

Jan Jongert (SuperUse Studios), Claudio Esposito and Salvatore di Dio (Ines Bajardi), Dario Musolino (CERTeT), Francesca Canti, Valentina Paruzzi, Michiel van Iersel (Non-fiction & Failed Architecture), Inge Vleemingh (Wageningen University), Thomas Dieben (KRFT), Robbert Nesselaar (Rotterdam Partners), Isabella Inti (Politecnico di Milano)

Special Guests:
Eric Frijters (.FABRIC), Marielle Dubbeling (RUAF Foundation, NL), Marthijn Pool (Space and Matter, NL), Mark Slegers (Rotterzwam, NL), Carmelo Rodriguez (Estudio PKMN, ES), Paola Alfaro d’Alençon (TU Berlin, DE), Paola Sturla (IT), Assemble Studio (UK), Marco Clausen (Prinzessinen Garten, DE), Dominika Belanska (Pod Piramidou, SK), Isabella Inti (, IT), Annemieke Fon- tain (Rotterdam Gemeende, NL), Robbert Nesselar (Rotterdam Partners, NL), Ingeborg Thoral (Advisor Spacial Quality, Province of Utrecht, NL)


New Farms for Expo workshop
Cascina Corte San Giacomo
24 − 30 June, 2015

Want to participate?
You can apply by sending an e-mail to (deadline 18 May, 2015)

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