Workshop in Belgrade 2-6 April

Failed Architecture (FA) is an independent research project and travelling forum, founded by Non-fiction, focusing on individual buildings and urban environments that are either malfunctioning, displeasing and/or have failed to stand the test of time. Based in Amsterdam, the FA-team travelled to Copenhagen, Sofia and Skopje to conduct research and host debates before coming to Belgrade for a workshop from April 2 -6 2012 at GRAD, European Center for Culture and Debate.

Together with an international team of students and young professionals from different backgrounds they mapped the ‘rise and fall’ of Savamala, a largely derelict and abandoned neighborhood that is cut-off from the nearby city centre and river Sava by a jungle of railroads and elevated highways. The FA-team will return to Belgrade in May to participate in the Mikser art festival, using the outcome of the workshop for a series of temporary interventions in Savamala.

We will keep you updated via our website and the FA-blog.

Workshop ‘Failed Architecture’ at GRAD from April 2 – 6, 2012

Presentation of timeline and public debate on April 6