Opening exhibition Nicky Zwaan

On 23 March 2012 is the vernissage of the Cityscapes Opening Exhibition at GM8, our collective super-space in the building where we keep our office. During the opening, Non-fiction’s Michiel van Iersel, will interview artist Nicky Zwaan and Cityscapes-founder Bastiaan Gribbeling.

Nicky Zwaan: Trying to Catch Up With My Molecules

Cityscapes is a new gallery focussing on the interfaces of art, architecture and the city. Cityscapes considers architecture as art and the city as work of art.

Cityscapes is proud to present at the first GM8 Exhibition recent installations by Nicky Zwaan in which she investigates how we perceive the world around us through the working of light.

‘An object in space is only visible when light bounces off it and enters our eyes as a light wave. The object materialises inside our brain. We think we see it in front of us, when in reality it is hiding in our head’.

For more information on the work of Nicky Zwaan, check:

location: GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam (same address as Non-fiction, south side of Museumplein)

dates: 23 March 2012 – 27 April 2012, visit by appointment

vernissage: friday 23 March 2012, 18.00 – 21.00

interview: friday 23 March, 18.00 – 18.30