Three years on, the great 11/11/11 anniversary party

There are many reasons why to throw a party on the 11th of November: the opening of carnival (in some parts of the Netherlands and Germany), Women’s Day (in Belgium), Single’s Day (in China) and, of course, all around the world many people commemorate the end of World War I.

From now on, Wikipedia needs a new entry to be done on the memorable 11/11/2011 Non-fiction officewarming party that can stand side by side with the moment when the Einstein refrigerator was awarded the patent number (11/11/1930) or the launch of NASA’s Gemini 12 (11/11/1966).

We would like to thank all of you who came to our officewarming/three year anniversary party last Friday. It was great to see all the familiar faces and to meet those which were until that very moment unfamiliar. While walking through the crowd we could hear conversations on topics ranging from fungus related issues, moon life, or solar energy panels, to projects of the CERN institute or Balkan Roma ghettos. It was indeed an inspiring evening and we are lucky to have you all around.

This post is not just a history lesson on the 11/11 significant events, praise of your intellect or boasting about our wonderful office with a breathtaking view. Most importantly it is a way how to encourage all of you to pop in more often. As you know the door of Non-fiction is open every Friday from six. And if it is closed, just use the newly installed buzzer. A blog post on the buzzer with an audio presentation of all its sixteen great melodies will appear soon. Not to be missed.

P.S. Sorry for any inconveniences with locked door in the pre-buzzer times