This Tuesday, a rare performance of a Feldman masterpiece

“Feldman is essential listening.” Pitchfork

This Tuesday at Felix Meritis, the Ives Ensemble will play their second concert of the series News From the Front, an eight-part collaboration between the Ives, Van Swieten Society and Asko Kamerkoor. The music played is Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, the final piece of eminent American composer Morton Feldman.

Non-fiction has been working with the ensemble since the summer, helping it re-imagine itself by creating a new blog, introducing the musicians, and editing iPhone videos of current affairs. The goal is to help preserve one of the most renowned contemporary music ensembles of the Netherlands, that has a rich history of 25 years of craftsmanship and artistry. Amongst its feats are the commissions for new work given to composers John Cage, Aldo Clementi, and… Morton Feldman.

The first event we help organising takes place this Tuesday. Our approach to making avantgarde music more accessible is not to change the concert situation – this music is as good as it gets, and it is played with the highest degree of understanding – but to make the experience around the concert attractive, straight-forward and social.

So tomorrow we serve an affordable menu of soup, bread and wine before the concert, and we will dine together with the musicians and other members of the ensemble. Already some 40 people have reserved a place for our ad hoc Feldman feast. If you would like to join, please send an e-mail to, or leave a message on the wall of our Facebook event.

During dinner, young musicologist Melle Kromhout will give a personal introduction to sound and noise in relationship to Morton Feldman. Then the concert starts at 20:15, and will go on until approximately 21:45. After the concert, artistic director John Snijders will join artists Steven Aalders in a dialogue on the influence of this Great American Composer on music and art.

We really look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Felix Meritis. E-mail and Facebook reservations will get a discounted ticket for 15 euros instead of 25. Send an e-mail to, or click ‘attend’ on the Facebook event.

P.S. Get in the mood by listening to the Ives Ensemble recording below on Soundcloud, and by reading the programme online. Visit the blog for news and background updates.