Raime and Pierre Bastien at Moving Buildings

On Saturday 12 November Viral Radio presents the first performance of austere electronic music duo Raime in Amsterdam. They will join reknowned French multi-instrumentalist – and friend of Non-fiction – Pierre Bastien at the Moving Buildings Festival. Moving Buildings is a festival on music and media art, organised by P60, the Schouwburg Amstelveen and Cobra Museum of Modern Art

Raime draw explicit inspiration from the marginal mavericks of early European goth, minimal dance and synth wave – artists largely omitted from the current master narrative of post-punk history, who strove to make music at once cerebral, visceral, and futuristic.

“London duo Raime made the most creative use of the space … the music hovered, like Herzog’s lens, on the threshold between alien beauty and human brutality.” Wire live review from Unsound Festival, Poland

Pierre Bastien is a French musician, composer, and instrument builder. He began building mechanical-based musical instruments at an early age, using items such as metronomes, cymbals, and pulleys.

He has collaborated with artists such as Robert Wyatt, Jac Berrocal, Jaki Liebezeit, Pierrick Sorin, and Issey Miyake. He has worked with us on numerous different projects, like Aura at Castrum Peregrini, Hear it! at Stedelijk Museum, and Nachtsalon at Museum Energetica.

The performances of Raime and Pierre Bastien start at 21.30. They will be supported by Viral Radio resident DJs. Tickets are available at the venue. More information at http://movingbuildings.nl and http://p60.nl.