Playlist week 26

Five recordings we have been listening to this week:

1. Skuli Sverisson – Seria II
Latest album from New York bases Icelandic bass guitar player that was recommended to us by the equally talented Raphael Vanoli of Knalpot.

2. Zomby – Witch Hunt
From the new album ‘Dedication’ by English producer Zomby who together with Hudson Mohawke and Rustie took out and liquidated dubstep in 2008.

3. Morton Feldman – For Aaron Copland
We have started working with the Ives Ensemble, who have collaborated with one of our favourite composers of the 20th century Morton Feldman.


4. Kuedo – Oh
New ep on Planet Mu by one half of refrigerated post-dystopia steppers Vex’d and Viral Radio friend Jamie Teasdale who roams the world under his anime pseudonym Kuedo.

5. Grouper – You Never Came
The sound you would hear if you were to shred a digital copy of ‘Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Sheep’.