Presentation for Danish Network for Younger Planners (NYP)

On the 3rd of May Network of Younger Planners from Denmark (NYP) visited Non-fiction in Trouw to get to know all the mysteries behind our practice. This group, which consists of professionals working in the field but also of master students, visited Trouw as a part of their inspiration trip to Holland. We dare to say that after one and half hour long talk they were leaving the place enriched by some deep thoughts, light jokes and an experience of two minute silence commemorating the death of those who died during the WWII. We were leaving the place thinking about new possible perspectives on what we do and a nice book on Danish urban planning which we get as a present. Let´s just sum up the most striking moments of the event.

After introducing De Verdieping, its history and uncertain future, there were several interesting questions from the audience dealing mainly with the practical issues like the rent, legal issues, promotion of the events and target audience. After one of the young urban planners asked how De Verdieping practically manages to involve with the local community Juha delivered a memorable quote “It is not a strategy, it is all about the approach” while stressing the importance of being  genuinely interested in local inhabitants and the neighbourhood.

Brief presentation of some of the projects Non-fiction has been involved in end up with 2 minutes of silence held on the occasion of the Remembrance Day.

We are looking forward to meeting more such interesting people who can bring refreshing ideas and questions.