All we want for Christmas is two interns

We  founded Non-fiction in October 2008 as an office for cultural innovation. What we try to do is create open, innovative and hyperconnected projects in an arts, cultural and/or urban context. We are researching the ways we can create economic value out of unutilised space and (creative) capacity in cities, and by weaving networks of stakeholders and agents around these sites and institutions. We do this collaboratively, and by using new network technologies on top of existing infrastructures.

We basically operate as an idea accelerator and momentum machine for various institutions and individuals in the fields of arts and culture. These activities can result in art exhibitions, music programmes, online strategies or public engagement, and often in a combination of these. We work with organisations such as Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Museum De Paviljoens, Stadsherstel and Soesterberg Air Base.

For the first half of 2011 we are looking for two interns:

1. The first is a research position to help develop our current projects and investigate future threads of interest. For this position we are looking for an imaginative mind who can not only (help) visualize the context of our projects, but who recognizes new memes and developing paths on the horizon.

2. The second is an editorial position to help document and communicate all research and development. For this position we are looking for that Pullitzer winning writer of the future who loves to write extensive blog entries while tweeting the Foursquare on Facebook.

Both positions will be for three days a week, ideally from January to June. We prefer it if you are fluent in both Dutch and English, but if for some reason you might be more fluent in Finnish or another language, and you are still qualified for the job, we might be persuaded to take you on board. All details and conditions will be discussed along the way, but we can provide a decent pay, a vibrant working environment in an office at Museumplein in the center of Amsterdam, and enough new art and music events to keep you off the street for a while.

Please send your letter of enthusiasm with your resume to info at If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Deadline will be 13 December 2010. Thank you very much in advance for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Juha van ‘t Zelfde and Michiel van Iersel