Duivenvoorde Portrait Pavilion, running order Saturday 16 October

From 16 – 23 October, the ancient Duivenvoorde Castle will become the setting for an experimental programme full of art and live performances in reaction the unique collection of (family) portraits. Eight centuries of history, 140 portrait paintings and dozens of contemporary (art) portraits are brought together in one majestic ball room, like a Facebook avant la lettre.

The focal point during these two days is the temporary Portrait Pavilion, a design by architects Jarrik Ouburg and Paulien Bremmer, enabling a confrontation of old masterpieces and contemporary portraits. On Saturday 16 & 23 October, renowned artists, curators, musicians, designers and collectors present their favourite portrait and visitors will be able to participate in a series of workshops and performances. These activities are part of the museum’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Programme 16 October*

Aline Weyel (artist)
Viktorija Medvedeva (artist)

Sarah van Sonsbeeck (artist)
Dirk Kome (artist)

Hans Aarsman (artist, journalist)
Mirjana Vrbaski (artist)

Roy Cremers (art fund)
John Lonsdale (architect)

Michel van der Aa (composer)
Amie Dicke (artist)

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (artist)
Arnoud Traa (sound designer)

Nalden (internet pioneer)
Cyril van Sterkenburg (communications consultant)

Gabriel Rolt (gallerist)
Taco de Neef/Daniel Bouw (cultural entrepreneurs)


* subject to change

Next week
On Saturday 23 October, there will be another series of artists and speakers: Arne Hendriks, Terry van Druten, Lars Ebert, Michael Defuster, Frans Damman, Adrienne Vriesendorp, Miklos Gaál, Fons Hof, Gijs Stork, Simon Bosch, Hendrik Kerstens, Annelien Kers and Koen Nutters.

For more information visit http://portretpaviljoen.nl and http://kasteelduivenvoorde.nl.

p.s. we serve tea and coffee and refreshments, and the castle is open for tours.