Introducing Digitaal Duivenvoorde

As we stated before, we are preparing a series of projects for Kasteel Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten. One of these projects is Digitaal Duivenvoorde, an aggregate of new media applications and social networking interventions we anticipate to roll out in the near future to upgrade the web presence and accessibility of this 13th century family estate. Duivenvoorde intends to open up its collection of family portraits, historical maps and other documents that have already been or soon will be digitised. It also wants to invite people to explore the various historical layers via cutting edge mobile applications like Layar and Foursquare, using augmented reality and game design to engage with our heritage. The project will furthermore dive into face recognition software to create new ways for people to enter the collection via their own public image on social networking sites like HyvesFacebook and Twitter. Last but not least, the deeply rooted family tree of Duivenvoorde will be made interactive, embedding it within the common grounds of current self-portrayal online.

This project is in beta now. We will keep you updated on our proceedings. In the mean time you can follow Duivenvoorde on Twitter.