Harmonic 313, Knalpot and Hudson Mohawke at new Viral Radio events

Mark Pritchard, aka Harmonic 313

According to Time Out Amsterdam, Viral Radio is ‘the most cutting-edge event in Amsterdam, hands down.’ The electronic music vehicle of Non-fiction’s Juha van ‘t Zelfde, in close harmony with DJ/producer/Beat Dimensions architect Cinnaman (Yuri Boselie), has been gathering momentum in 2009. The nights have featured lords of the underground Kode9 & the Spaceape, Flying Lotus and Joker, and many more in their slipstream.

The coming month, the carrier of freight train bass weight will present another stellar compendium of contemporary studio explorations:

02 October >> Harmonic 313 and Juha & Cinnaman
21 October >> Knalpot, Gaslamp Killer, Clark, Bibio, Martyn, Aardvarck, Pete Concrete and Juha & Cinnaman
06 November >> Hudson Mohawke, Lorn, Ras G and Juha & Cinnaman

We would like to thank the artists for their participation, TrouwAmsterdam for the inspiring collaboration, and you – the visitor and listener – for your support. We hope to see you tonight.

Update: a new episode of Viral Radio on VPRO 3voor12 will be recorded today, with special guest Harmonic 313.